Oct 26, 2015

Received Postcard from Japan - JP 736334

Beauty looking over her shoulder, karya Moronobu
Hishikawa Moronobu,  (born 1618, Yasuda, Japan—died  1694, Edo [now Tokyo]), Japanese printmaker, the first great master of ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”), a genre depicting entertainment districts and other scenes of urban life.
The son of a provincial embroiderer, Hishikawa started by drawing designs for embroidery. About the middle of the 17th century he moved to Edo, where he became an illustrator of storybooks using wood-block prints, and he developed a technique for the mass reproduction of paintings to make them accessible to a large public. He also continued to make pictures that were not to be reproduced as prints. Both his paintings and his prints depicted the customs and manners of the Edo people, especially of courtesans and Kabuki theatre actors. Among his works are the scroll “The Gay Quarters and the Kabuki Theatre,” the 12 ichimai-e (single-sheet print) series “Scenes from the Gay Quarters at Yoshiwara,” and the famous ichimai-e “A Beauty Looking over Her Shoulder.” Hishikawa, like his fellow ukiyo-e painters, also drew many pictures of pornographic scenes known as shun-ga. (sumber)
Terimakasih Tamanegi buat kartu posnya. Nambah lagi pengetahuan. Jepang itu selalu menarik.

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